One From The Vault

This Too Shall Pass

Nov 06, 2022

"This too shall pass."

Such a powerful statement and reminder to offer yourself or another during hard times of struggle. The main challenge we face during these times are not the times themselves. They are the feelings and perceptions connected with the times. When facing change and challenging times, we can’t avoid feelings of worry, stress, anger, and frustration. They are a natural part of our stress response and overall programmed operating system. It’s how we interpret those feelings and to what degree we allow them to encompass our reality.

If you knew for sure that those feelings and the difficult times were going to pass by like an airplane in the sky, you wouldn’t pay them any mind. See, it’s losing sight of the blessings and good things that still exist in your life, while hard times are upon you. That’s your challenge. The saying “This too shall pass” is a gentle reminder that the sky and the sun are always there. It’s the storms and the clouds that come and go.

For those that desire a more advanced system of navigating change and challenge? Well, just observe that if nothing changes, nothing changes. Or remember the stoic principle that points out that the obstacle is the way. It’s the person that embraces this that accelerates.

How interesting it is to observe what we hope for when we look for hard times to pass. Are we hoping to go back to the easy and comfortable times? Where growth does not live? Hmmm 🤔 But I digress. If you’re facing difficult times right now, know that they will pass. They always do. That’s why they're called hard times. Like all things, they too expire. However. Know they are here to guide and help you. Happening FOR YOU.

Change your perception of the tropical storm of challenge and change. Know that you can still dance in a hurricane, but only when you’re standing in its eye. Maybe today is the eye 👁 of your perceived storm.

Two things I offer you this day: You can always expect change and you can always expect a miracle.

Make Sense?