Our Program

We offer a goof-proof health and lifestyle program that will help transform your current reality into your future reality and desired state. Research shows that 85% of people who go on a health program end up failing at it. There are various factors that may contribute to someone failing at a program, such as timing, money, motivation, but mostly lack of community and support. Our program and services solve this program.

How Our Program Works

Our program is a health transformation program that will provide you with four primary components that are easy to implement into your health journey.

The 4 Components

A goof-proof way of handling your nutrition including all vitamins, minerals, pre-and probiotics, while at the same time nourishing your body.

One of our amazing team members/coaches will guide and support you by providing mentorship and accountability so you can reach all your health goals.

Get engaged in learning all about your health and how to replace those bad habits that were causing you dis-ease with good and beneficial ones instead.

Very often people fail because they don't have the right support in their community, at home, at work, and amongst friends. We will plug you into an environment where you will not only thrive, but will one day be able to pay it forward to your loved ones too. We manage a Facebook group that currently has over 13000 members in its online community. With a solid community, meetup groups, and weekly Zooms, our healthy community is stronger than ever and will act as a vital part of your success.

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Thirteen years ago, JC made the decision to reclaim his life and started living for the things that matter most. He had become tired of working all the time and missing out on seeing his boys grow up. Today, he has coached thousands of people in reaching optimal health and speaks in front of crowds of 10 000 people or more. His health and helping others thrive physically, mentally, and financially has become his passion in life and he is now able to be present, not only as a dad, but also as a partner, son, friend, and coach. Mieke and JC met online and instantly felt a connection. Not only was she drawn to him and envisioned a life with him as his wife, but her servant heart felt a strong need to get healthy and in turn help others do the same. Together they make a strong team who support one another and each and every client who joins their program.



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Our Promise To You

We are autonomy-supportive coaches who recognize that every health journey is unique. Therefore, we always strive to meet our clients where they are at. We believe that where you are currently at is where your story truly begins and forms a fundamental part of your success in our program.


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