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The End of Struggle: Dragon Thots

Mar 13, 2023

The mind makes an excellent servant but a poor master.

What is your current reality? Are you struggling? What is your relationship with struggle? How do you define it? Is that the only definition?

It’s pretty cool to evaluate this descriptive word we use to explain to others the fact that life is happening to us and the whole idea of advancing toward our dreams is increasingly difficult due to circumstances. Why do we need to let people know we are struggling? Why do we feel compelled to acknowledge to ourselves that we’re struggling? How are you Dragon? Hey, I’m really struggling lately. Thanks for asking.

For some reason, we use this word to justify and validate our lack of productivity and winning. Would you be more successful if you weren’t struggling?

As an example. I found myself struggling to sleep last night. Found my mind racing around trying to keep up with the thought thunderstorm 🌩ī¸ and things I couldn’t control. I managed to use the following techniques to release myself from this idea that I was struggling and fall back asleep 😴

The end of struggle happens when one realizes that struggle is illusory. Chew on this. If you weren’t paying attention to your struggle because you were busy going after your dreams, or in my case sleeping, would you still be struggling?

If you reread any of the personal growth books you’ve read about success, about where growth and success take place, would you recognize your perceived struggle as a part of and sign that you’re getting closer to success?

See, the positive or negative side of struggle requires a judgment and label to exist. Without them, it’s not struggle, it’s just the necessary resistance that comes with the deal when you’re a human with a 70,000 thought-producing per day brain, and however many years you’re alive, programmed mind, contending for your dreams.

So the next time you perceive that you are struggling, have a little fun. Look at it as an opportunity. Ask yourself if you’re really struggling or just judging and labeling your thoughts and feelings, buying into them as reality. Then, see the whole process as a sign and necessary symptom that comes along with being a human being that is contending for their dreams and embrace how the perception of struggle is a sign you are on the right track. Then, like a child feels when they first eye how many presents 🎁 they see under the tree are for them/ Smile. The universe loves you and has many blessings waiting for you if you simply push through these opportunities to prove yourself worthy of success.

Make Sense?

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