One From The Vault

It’s fascinating to sit in observation of the mind and its wandering thoughts.


Dec 12, 2022

It’s fascinating to sit in observation of the mind and its wandering thoughts. It has the ability to think everything about everything. Sometimes its dark passenger can produce thoughts that would place you straight in prison should the authorities find out. Other times, it may produce thoughts and opinions about things that arise that in no way shape or form support your master plan. The idea of allowing that wet piece of meat in your skull and its thousands of interpretations of reality, to call all the shots today. Insane, no?

Today, what if you learned to embrace your mind's eccentric method of function as just that? Eccentric. You have friends like this that act like fools sometimes but you let them off the hook because they are, eccentric? Let’s do that, rather than look at it as a fact checker or super intelligent search engine. When thoughts arise, either good or bad, observe them with fascination as if watching a movie 🍿 When they arise, you can say the word « thinking » as an anchor to remind you that it’s just your eccentric mind doing its thing. The same goes for feelings. They are nothing more than feelings.

Remain conscious and open to the idea that you can perceive what you’re looking at and decide what it means to you without checking with your thoughts and feelings today.

Make Sense?