One From The Vault

The All Mighty

Nov 11, 2022

I assume you thought of the big guy in the sky when I said The All Mighty. Don’t get me wrong. Big ups to the G.O.D. However, today I’m referring to you.

When I hear 👂 the word might, I’ve retired my perceptions to correlate it with the power of possibilities. There are three basic answers to a direct question when evaluating whether or not we want something, are interested in something, or are in acceptance of something. Yes. No. or Maybe. 

Sometimes we say the yes or no too fast. The wise man learns to take his time and refrain from a quick yes or no but from the space of an open possibility thinking human. He recognizes the value in not discounting anything and the things we place exclamation points behind are things we only know at that time. 

The all mighty one is the one that lives in this conscious open space. The middle way. The curious eye of the storm between a yes and a no. The space that sees that it might be right and it might be wrong. By living a mighty life, you gift yourself the gift of growth potential every step of the way through your day.

Are you having a bad day? Are you an all mighty human? Or are you a know-it-all? It’s fun to look at the know-it-all and recognize him as the one that might be wrong the most. 

My message to you? This just might be your lucky day. 

Make Sense?