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The gift of immortality.

The Value of Immortality

Jan 23, 2023

What makes humans so unique is that we know we’re going to die. It’s unavoidable and unique to our species. Although scary and unpredictable, it does represent the very reason we do anything. 

The gift of immortality.

Think about it? If you could choose to live forever, would you? Think it through. We already have plans for it and you’re all part of the first step already. Life extension is very much here. Medicine, healthcare, self-care anti aging, you name it. We’re extending our lives all the time and getting better at it. Not to mention the advances in AI, stem cells, mind uploading and nano technology. You and I might not see it but radical life extension is coming.

To put things into perspective and let you see the value in your current immortality, here are a few things to consider.

If you knew you’d never die, would you stay with the same partner? Would you want more kids? Where would we put everyone? In fact, if you knew you’d live forever, what would prompt you to well, do anything? Why get out of bed? Because you know you’re gonna die and the unpredictable clock is ticking. It’s actually one of the reasons you are so special. The real scary thing to consider is you’re ignorance to this. It shows up in procrastination. Procrastination is a side effect of ignorance and unconsciousness. The assumption you have time to spare. Procrastination is a death sentence when it comes to leveraging your outcomes.

Remember. Everyone is gonna die. But only a few will live. What do you choose to do this day? With this blessing of another 24 hours of a heart beat? Live or die?

Make Sense?