One From The Vault

The Greatest Myth

Nov 21, 2022

The greatest myth in life is that we have time. Typically in your blind spot, this myth is usually perceived by the mentor, coach, or teacher. They vested in you and in place to guide and support someone on your journey. 

Today, I would represent the teacher. My role in your day is to bring light to something. Your job, should you accept, is to take note and embrace that light. When setting and getting goals, the perspective of the individual that must do the work, and spend the time and money is skewed. The very act of contemplation is proof of this great myth inside us all. When we know something is a priority and has moved from being a want to a need and onto a must-be-done. And have been blessed with the opportunity, vehicle, and structure to get it done? And somehow grant ourselves permission to contemplate if and when we will do it? Again, this unveils the Myth and unconscious perception of the availability of time.  

Time is our most valuable asset. More valuable than all the diamonds, silver, and gold in the world. More valuable than your biggest dream goal. We keep those material things safe and locked in a vault and spend our lives wasting more time in search of more. Yet the commodity of time? We allow it to sift through our hands and fall away like the sands in an hourglass. As if we have had enough to spare. 

Are you aware of the gift and blessing you have this day? The 24 hours ahead? Are you aware of its unpredictable expiration date? Think of the things that are of the highest priorities right now. Your physical and mental health? Quality time with family? Love and romance? Adventure and exploration?

Make an assessment of what you fill your days with and see where your priorities sit and how you use your precious time. You’ll be shocked to learn how many things get more of your time than the things that truly matter most. 

Rise up!! Wake up to this, friends! You are the lucky ones that received this insight today. My gift to you is a mortality mentality today. Seize this day. It’s just in time for a great day. Lastly, I encourage you to share this with someone you love. Remember, if you give something away, that’s how it will stay. And that’s a good use of your time, on this day. 

Make Sense?