One From The Vault


Oct 29, 2022

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve nearly run out of gas and just pulled into the fueling station?

Two observations of this scenario. One, when we have an empty tank, we try to fill it up. Two, before filling it up next time, ask the car if it’s hungry or thirsty. If it could talk, it might say yes but cars don’t talk. The only purpose they have is to go. Today, gasoline or electricity are the go-go juices. It’s about power and performance. There are even different grades of fuel that promote higher performance.

I see this as a direct analogy you can use today with your diet and nutrition. As well as the consumption of anything in fact. In the program I coach, our goal goes way beyond the results people desire when they come in. We want long-term habit transformation. So one behavior modification is teaching the difference between food and fuel. Food is something we consume in reaction to how we feel. A reactionary model like a car with an empty tank. Fuel is something we consume and combust for function and performance. Like the car, we need not be hungry to consume fuel. The strategy of what we call Fueling is to fuel frequently and be mindful of the importance of what’s in it. For you athletes to absorb this? The goal is to Fuel to Train rather than train to fuel ⛽️

Have you been eating or fueling?

Is your favorite food a source of fuel or fun?

Are you waiting until your body craves something it is lacking or fueling your body proactively to avoid the deficiency?

We do the same with social media and news. We consume in reaction to our feelings. Look at everything today including the content and people you interface with and practice fueling rather than consuming as your body and programmed mind tell you to.

Need some guidance, support, structure, and accountability? Reach out and let’s talk. You’ll reclaim control of the wheel that steers your life towards your goals and dreams.

Make Sense?