One From The Vault


May 13, 2024


And I believe that run is meant to be directed towards who you were meant or destined to be. 

I think where things get more complicated than they need be is when certain people take on the role of being our guides, educators and mentors and begin to make attempts to explain things to us. I refer to these people as our MFTPSE. 

Let’s look at the very nature of explanations? What is going on when our MFTPSE attempts to explain things to us? Alan Watts says that explanation is description with the intention of enabling us to control what is being described. To arm and equip you, the student, with an exclamation point at the end of the description. Placing a steak in the ground claiming that description as a known fact. Think about it for a second. What do you claim to be known facts about you and the world? Can you remember when you didn’t know of these facts and then someone of authority began to teach you then. Followed by the validation of others claiming the same? Presto. Exclamation point planted firmly and you have a known fact. Then at some point along your run, you begin to notice that some of these known facts start to pose challenges as they either prevent or pose challenges towards you achieving the life of your dreams. You learn things like “That’s impossible” or “Nobody does that” or if you are one of the unfortunate ones, you may have been taught that “YOU can’t or shouldn’t do that”. So you begin the process of personal growth and self development.

What I find interesting and challenging about personal growth and self development is how it seems to be for the most part inefficient at helping you get where you are trying to be. See, if who you are determines how well what you do works, and who you are and what you believe about yourself and the world is who and what you’ve been told by others that made their best attempts at describing things to you? You’re gonna go try to grow and develop that version of yourself. This is where things get complicated. Alan Watts says that humans trying to explain and describe how things in the world work is like trying to drink all the water in the ocean with a fork. Its impossible. Which is why humans tend to do there best to describe things and start making things up. But you are hearing them down stream from the original made up facts and assume they are true. Make Sense?

Today I want to arm and equip you with a new description and new form of control. But these tools are going to allow you to start calling the shots of what you think, feel and believe to be true about you and the world you interface with.

  1. THE QUESTION MARK: This is a fantastic tool that will help you shift from being closed and certain about the things you have been told and taught to open and curious to the potential for change and unlimited greatness and potential in your life. Its as simply as allowing yourself to replace all exclamation points in your life with question marks. Yes, you must allow it. Try it out. The next time you find your programmed mind saying “Nobody does that or I can’t do that!” as a statement. Identify that as a downstream symptom of the explanations and descriptions you were taught and say them again with the disputation of a question mark. “Nobody does that? Or I can’t do that?” and simply dispute them to question their validity. This will place you in a space where you’ll see the fallacy in what you’ve been taught and can therefor begin deciding what you really want to see happen from this day forward.
  2. THE WORD DISCOVERY: We mentioned the idea of trying to fix the discrepancies and challenges we face with personal growth and self development. And how this is ineffective when trying to develop or grow the version of you you were trained to be by outside forces. By replacing the word develop with discovery, just like the question mark, you create a pattern disruptor which allows you to ponder not who you are supposed to be. But rather who you simply are. Your SELF. Not the one you have trusted you are supposed to be. That person is trying to make a run at life in comparison to all the other zombies that aren't disputing anything and just handing the keys of trust to the others that can’t see this. Discovery is about you unveiling that you and your unique ways of looking at life as well as your imagination and creative genius, are one of a kind. 

These tools arm you with a new understanding of how to react and respond when you hear others or society say “Nobody or No One does something” They are right. But you recognize that in comparison to the rest of the world you are like NO BODY and NO ONE.  You are like YOU. One of a kind. You place question marks at the end of sentences. You question things and think about them before you react and respond. You are on a quest of the development of your self discovery. 

You are no longer on a run to be like the rest. You are already who you are and now running back to you. Where the real fun can begin.

WARNING: If you allow this process you will make the biggest breakthrough of your life and have the natural desire to pay it forward and teach others. Just make sure you teach them how to become themselves. Not you.